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About Us

Third Street Family Health Services was founded in 1994. We are a non-profit community health center that focuses on improving the health of the greater community and removing barriers to wellness. We have earned the designation of being a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC). Our mission is to deliver comprehensive health and wellness care that is accessible to all. We provide behavioral health, community health worker, dental, medical, medication-assisted treatment, OB/GYN, pediatric, and podiatry services across 11 locations in northcentral Ohio. 

We provide behavioral health, community health worker, dental, medical, medication-assisted treatment, OB/GYN, pediatric, pharmacy, podiatry, and specialty care services across 11 locations in northcentral Ohio. We have more than 200 employees dedicated to providing quality care, regardless of patients’ health challenges or ability to pay.

Honoring Our Past

Third Street Family Health ServicesOur logo includes a rooftop image to honor the history of our first location. Our building at 600 West Third Street in Mansfield was once the home of one of the community’s most prominent financial figures, Fred Thomas Bristor.

According to the Citizens Historical Association, in 1888, he became secretary of the Citizens Savings and Loan Company, later serving as president beginning in 1927. He was involved in a number of community organizations and Mansfield financial interests for 57 years before his death in 1945. 



What started as a residential property once owned by one of Mansfield's prominent financial figures, Fred Thomas Bristor, has since become a health facility, now known as Third Street Family Health Services.

One might not suspect any historical significance if facing the north or east sides of the property (where the building was expanded). But the southwest corner, where much of the original property stands, points to a storied past, resembling that of a Tudor house.

Throughout its interior, some original features remain intact: pocket doors lead into a few of the employees' offices on the second floor; original flooring can be found in one of the utility closets; and the original house's fireplace is now situated in the billing department office.

**Excerpt from Richland Source. Article details the history of our current Headquarters. 

See the full article on Richland Source detailing the history of our headquarters.

Timeline of our History
Timeline of Our Locations
January 1994
January 1994 part 2
September 2010
Feburary 2012
June 2013
May 2014
January 2016
October 2016
December 2019
January 2020
March 2020
October 2020
October 2020


Care beyond the exam room

Third Street began as a part-time evening clinic with only a handful of exam rooms. We were staffed by volunteer physicians, nurses, and receptionists. Over 30 years, we have expanded to serve more of our communities. However, we never lost sight of the dedication our founders instilled in our organization. 

Most of what determines a person’s health and wellness has nothing to do with their physical diagnoses. Good health depends largely on factors called Social Determinants of Health. They include aspects such as economic stability, education, housing security, the physical safety of an environment, transportation, mental health, access to healthy food, and social support systems. Most Social Determinants of Health cannot be fixed by a provider in an exam room.


Patient-centric experience

However, the Federally Qualified Health Center model of care extends the capabilities for helping patients. FQHCs can offer comprehensive services within their site or network of providers. This gives patients the ability to have a coordinated team of providers to address their physical and mental health care needs, including prevention and wellness, acute care, and management of chronic conditions.

Patients learn to manage and organize their care at the level they choose. Within a familiar network, they have available options for addressing challenges such as mental health, lack of transportation, dental needs, or substance use disorder. 

Third Street also offers patients the extra support of Community Health Workers (CHWs). These are trained public health workers who serve as a bridge between patients and health and social service systems. Whether it’s connection with a food pantry or help with medications, CHWs ease a multitude of concerns so patients can be healthier.


Healing and building

The health of our communities is critical to the growth and development of our region. For more than 30 years, Third Street has been a proud contributor to the health and well-being of northcentral Ohio. One patient at a time, Third Street has helped the communities we serve to improve the quality of life for all who live, work, worship, learn, and play within their borders.