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What We Believe

Our Mission

To deliver comprehensive health and wellness care, accessible to all in the communities we serve. 


Our Vision

Inspire healthier communities by eliminating barriers to wellness. 


Our Core Values

Our Core Values: People, Community, Knowledge, Inclusiveness, AccountabilityPeople

We understand that patients and community members face various barriers to care, and we know we have a role in decreasing those barriers. We recognize our employees' achievements and focus on their strengths. Our employees' social health is important to their overall health and engagement.


We drive change in the community. We adapt to the needs of those we serve, and we build services to fill gaps in the community. We will collaborate with stakeholders in the communities we serve to provide a better system of care. We are part of the fabric of the community, and we invest in the healthier future for all. 


We value new ideas, innovation, and curiosity from our employees at all levels of the organization. We engage our patients by improving accessibility and encouraging participation in the healthcare process and informed healthcare decision-making. We provide high-quality through the continual learning of our employees and by using best practices in the provisions of care.


We celebrate differences, and we know that our diversity makes us stronger. We value feedback from our patients, and we provide compassionate care to individuals who need a healthcare home, whether that be for one of all of our services. We appreciate diversity of thought, skill, expertise, lived experience, and communities, and we are building a team that reflects the people we serve. 


We follow through on our promises and align our decision-making to our values and strategic plan. We are transparent about the operational decisions we make and take responsibility for our actions. We grow to meet the demands and needs of the people and the communities we serve. We value our employees, communicate our expectations, and train them on best practices.