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Patient FAQ

What Is a Community Health Center?

Community Health Centers, like Third Street Family Health Services, are nonprofit, patient-governed organizations that provide high-quality, comprehensive primary healthcare to people living in areas with few primary care providers. Health centers improve the health and well-being of the underserved while empowering people to become actively involved in solving issues unique to their needs and communities. Community health centers are committed to providing care to all patients, regardless of income or insurance status.

What is a Primary Medical Care Home?

Third Street also has an official designation as a Primary Care Medical Home (PMCH). This is a new and innovative way of providing primary care services. The goal is to provide better care for patients. This model builds on the personal relationships that patients already have with their trusted providers and includes the following: A Team Approach, Improved Access, Electronic Health Records, a Network of Support Services, Coordination of Care, and Continuous Improvement.

At Third Street, your provider works with a team of assistants, nurses, social workers or therapists, health information management professionals, and receptionists to provide you with whole health care. This means you should see your primary care provider routinely to allow your team to stay up-to-date with your care.

At the end of your visit, our staff will provide you with a summary of your care and treatment plans. Treatment plans are developed using evidence-based practices and will include goals for you to self-manage your health care. Your records are always accessible through your patient portal, MyChart.

If you require emergency care, please go to your nearest emergency room. OhioHealth Hospital works closely with Third Street and has a wide variety of services. As your PCMH, we have access to OhioHealth’s electronic records and can review your visit to the emergency room.

Is Third Street Family Health Services a government agency?

No. Like many healthcare organizations, Third Street receives government funding, but we are not a government agency.

May I choose my doctor?

Yes, our patients choose their own care providers and may change providers to suit their healthcare needs.

What insurance do you accept?

Third Street accepts the majority of all health insurance plans. If you want to know if your insurance is accepted, please call 419-522-6191.

Can anyone be served by Third Street?

Yes, no one is denied care due to the inability to pay. If you are uninsured or underinsured, we offer a sliding scale based on income.

Is Third Street a walk-in facility?

No, we provide primary behavioral, dental, and medical care services for our patients and their families. Walk-in appointments and emergency dental services may be provided during certain hours at some of our clinics. You will need to contact the clinic directly for more information.

In what cities do you have locations?

Ashland, Bucyrus, Ontario, Mansfield, and Shelby